Chipotle Sea Salt Flakes Falk 4.4oz


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Chipotle Sea Salt Flakes 4.4oz/125g


FALKSALT | Chipotle Sea Salt Flakes 4.4oz. | Gourmet Finishing Salt Premium Supplier of Mediterranean Sea Salt Flakes and Other Specialty Salts.

FALKSALT Gourmet Sea Salt Flakes (Chipotle):
The flaky texture and excellent crunch make our gourmet sea salt flakes ideal for finishing any meal. To get the most delicious taste, great aroma and appealing look, we have infused our flavored flakes with all natural additives and spices. In addition, by using sea salt flakes you encourage the reduction of salt in the cooking process, thereby decreasing overall salt intake, thus benefiting your health.

Our salt is produced in Cyprus and all sea salt flakes are produced in the old fashioned traditional way from Mediterranean sea water. In a dust-free environment, experienced salt makers heat up the sea water and let it evaporate until the delicate pyramid shaped crystal flakes appear. The salt is then harvested, dried, sieved and finally packed, all by hand. Chipotle Sea Salt Flakes 4.4oz

  • Gourmet Finishing Salt.
  • CHIPOTLE FLAVORED - A bold, spicy variation of our beautiful pyramid-shaped sea salt flakes with flecks of chipotle chilis and paprika.
  • SUGGESTED USE - Falksalt Chipotle sea salt flakes add a spicy crunch to any type of meat or poultry. Pairs well with BBQ dishes, steak, or dip sauces for a gently smoked and spicy flavor.
  • MEDITERRANEAN SEA SALT FLAKES - Chef-approved, gourmet flake salt sourced from the pristine waters of the Mediterranean off the coast of Cyprus. Our flake salt has a unique crunch with a light, pure taste that adds dimension and complexity to flavor and texture.
  • COMMITTED TO QUALITY - Falksalt Chipotle is Non-GMO, additive free and contains a wide range of trace minerals. Falksalt flakes follow the highest industry standard quality controls.
  • TRADITION - Since 1928, Falksalt has been made using the same traditional artisan methods to produce the best salt that money can buy. Our master salt makers are the most experienced in the industry, resulting in superior gourmet products.
    Sea Salt, Natural & Artificial Chipotle Flavor, Chipotle Chili, Paprika Flakes,

    Produced in Cyprus with Salt from the Mediterranean Sea

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